Timothy’s aviation expertise can be viewed below.  Please refer to his main profile for details of his expertise in other areas of law.

Timothy is regularly instructed in his own right in aviation cases involving allegations of breach of contracts of carriage, as well as compensation claims under Regulation 261. Timothy has appeared in a very large number of hearings and trials in aviation matters, and has a very thorough knowledge of this area of law.

Further, during pupillage, Timothy gained considerable experience in aviation cases, including:

  • Assisting in and preparing cross-examination during the trial of a claim by a management company against the owner of an aircraft, which raised questions of construction of contracts, negligence and bailment
  • Settling Particulars of Claim in cases involving the breach of aviation leases.
  • Settling Particulars of Claim in claims for conversion of aircraft.
  • Assisting with a claim concerning the re-charging of international air expenses to a holiday operator by an airline.
  • Assisting with the preparation for and drafting of skeleton arguments in a summary judgment hearing worth over £2million.

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