Hugh has a keen interest in aviation work and several of his recent and ongoing cases, involving both litigation and arbitration, have related to the aviation sector.  His work in this area overlaps heavily with his expertise in commercial dispute resolution, insolvency and civil fraud.

Examples of Hugh’s aviation work include:

  • Acting for an owner trustee of a leasing corporation in an action against a Turkish airline following a repudiation of the leases and failure to return the aircraft in serviceable and airworthy condition.
  • Successfully representing a Dutch Ryanair Pilot at trial in a claim brought by an intermediary management company for damages following his resignation from his post. The claim was dismissed on the basis the damages were claimed pursuant to an unenforceable penalty clause.
  • Advising on a dispute and settlement between a major bank, Bahraini leasing and aircraft companies and a Bahraini national.
  • Acting for an Isle of Man aircraft purchase and leasing company and its various subsidiaries in claims for breach of fiduciary and non-fiduciary duties, conspiracy, dishonest assistance, conversion and breach of contract against its commercial agent and maintenance company, its foreign subsidiary and its directors.
  • Acting (with Steven Thompson QC) in multiple arbitration proceedings between international parties concerning disputes relating to the manufacture and supply of aeronautical components.

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